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Paper Airplane 0.1.1 Released

Sunday, February 6th, 2005

My friend Brad Neuberg has put out an alpha version of his Paper Airplane project. Talk about a cool project, Paper Airplane lets you create collaborative wiki sites with arbitrary top level domain names through a P2P DNS, and then serve them up through NATs and firewalls. Nice work Brad.

Foglog 0.1.1 Released

Sunday, February 6th, 2005

Foglog 0.1.1 is released!

I created Foglog for my own photo organizing and publishing needs, and am pleased to offer it to the open source community.

Foglog is a web based photolog hosting system built on top of a web-accessible, lightweight digital image repository. Foglog achieves both hosted photo publishing and archival quality private collection management from a single repository. This eliminates the need to upload an arbitrary subset of your work (as well as low resolution copies) into a separate photo blogging tool. All the work that you invest in your photo collection (organizing, categorizing, rotating, etc.) will immediately be reflected in your published photos as well.

My example installation of Foglog can be seen at

Foglog operates in two modes, public browsing mode and private management mode. The public sees a published photostream and can browse public photos by date, set, tags, and by individual permalink. When logged in as the owner of the photos, management features are available to browse, rotate, tag, organize sets, and publish photos. Additional admin features include viewing photos by popularity and graphical access logs by session.

The target user is an individual photographer who would like to share photos and photoblog.

Foglog is written in Python, and uses Apache, MySql, and netpbm. It currently runs on Debian.

This is an alpha-level release, but still has basic photo hosting functionality. Please give it a try and tell me what you think.