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Recursive Mofo-blogging

Friday, May 27th, 2005

Kevin took a photo of us having a Rojo team lunch and blogged it from the restaurant with is Treo. When the story popped up in my Rojo reader after lunch, Kevin recursively mofoblogged that too. So I thought I’d better add another level to the recursion stack and blog him doing that:


Palm Desktop Import Export

Sunday, May 8th, 2005

A system that supports data import/export should be able to import its own export format without corruption to the data. That property allows the user to temporarily export data for external manipulation before re-importing back into the primary system.

I noticed a bug in Palm Desktop 4.1.4 where email addresses are imported into “work” phone number fields. This happens when I import Palm Desktop CSV (that was just exported from Palm Desktop) back into Palm Desktop.

Volker also discovered this bug when he was trying to import his contacts from Thunderbird. He wrote his own .tpa file to help him correctly import the Thunderbird format into Palm.

In my case, I simply wanted to be able to re-import what I had just exported from Palm Desktop. I created pd414.tpa to work around the bug and import Palm Desktop’s own CSV format back into Palm Desktop without corruption.

To use a .tpa file, just drop it into your PalmDesktop application folder. The next time you import, that rule-set will appear as a choice in the import format drop-down list. If you use my .tpa file, you will see this new choice:

Palm Desktop 4.1.4 (All Fields) (*.csv)